Act Of The Day: Kyan Kuatois (9)

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Kyan Kuatois is a UK singer/songwriter, hailing from Cambridge and succeeding in scattering an indie/soul/R&B sound around both the UK and international music scene.

About: Having recently encouraged his large internet following to get involved in a lively, fun project, Kyan produced a wonderfully mastered music video to accompany his upbeat, energetic track- ‘Perfect Crime’. Following on from his debut album, ‘Conversations’ which was released in 2011, Kyan is still building an impressive fanbase whilst being massively acclaimed by the likes of Tinie Tempah, Dizzee Rascal and Simon Cowell.

As a 12 year old teaching himself piano, Kyan drags a clear influence from the likes of John Legend and Stevie Wonder in his somehow uniquely created R&B/soulful sound, edging on a more pop-like Prince note in some cases. Pumping sounds reminscent of these older influential names in the music industry, Kyan brings something a little more classic, and less frequent to today’s genres.

Reminds me of: John Legend, Craig David, James Morrison

His Music: Kyan is currently working on his next album.

Check out one of Kyan’s latest songs- ‘Bad Science’ below:

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