Album Review: The Singles – Look How Fast A Heart Can Break

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Since the birth of Rock’n’Roll in late 1940’s America, the genre has been a powerful platform for young people to express themselves and feel a sense of belonging…

The beginnings of better race relations in the US can be attributed to the collective nature of Rock’n’Roll. Of course, the teen ‘Baby Boomers’ of the 1960’s British Rock and Blues scene used their new-found money and power to behave against fossilised pre-conceptions.

That’s not to say other genre’s haven’t had similar results, but Rock’n’Roll has also survived and thrived against a 60 year backlash. From Councils closing down Rock’n’Roll venues to the media portraying Rock’n’Roll part of the ‘dirty’ working class, Rock’n’Roll has been a pillar of faith and power for many.

So amid difficult times for young people right now, it feels very refreshing to hear absolutely brilliant and entertaining Rock’n’Roll music being created and released.

After ten years in the making, The Singles are set to release their debut LP as a duo. ‘Look How Fast A Heart Can Break’ will be released on April 1st on the label Sound Artifacts and distributed in Europe by Cobraside.

The Singles are duo Vincent Frederick (guitar/lead vocals) and Nicky Veltman (drums/back-up vocals), born in Detroit but joined forces in LA. As a follower you’re instantly warmed by their playful, grown-up charm, which is evidently thrown into their stripped-down mix of Garage Rock, Power Pop, Glam, Blues and Punk. Speaking to Ghettoblaster, Vince explains he had difficulty with ladies growing up, and that the album latched onto these themes in the music of the 50’s/60’s. “All of the songs on our new album deal with heartache and heartbreak. The title track, “Look How Fast A Heart Can Break,” sums up the prevailing mood and stories told over the course of the album. The babes are diggin’ me now though, so the next album could go in a different direction…who knows?!

Opening track ‘Inamorata‘ offers-up a super-catchy blend of happy melodies and instrumentals to form a blistering glam garage sound. It feels so retro, and is very likely to get you swaying to-and-fro. This contrasts against ‘Turn The Other Way‘, which hints towards their punk-rock influences. The guitar riffs are slightly heavier, faster, dirtier, bigger in fact – and Vince hanging onto the vocals only helps in reinforcing this track as a probable crowd-winner. Apart from the lead, track ‘We Don’t Talk Anymore‘ is a particular album highlight. It pulls together everything the band is about – the glam, the rock, youth, and love and throws out a humdinger of a rock tune.

I dare you to sing-a-long. Just like those rockers in ’51.

Listen to lead track ‘Inamorata’ from Look How Fast A Heart Can Break below. Let us know what you think!
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Preview and buy the album from April 1st on iTunes.

Keep up-to-date with The Singles on their ridiculously warm and quirky social media pages;

Hopefully see you touring in Europe soon!

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