Single Review: Luca Wilding – Ruby, Don’t Cry

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British singer songwriter Luca Wilding releases his gorgeous new track Ruby, Don’t Cry today. 

Ruby, Don’t Cry opens with a minimal beat as we’re blessed with Luca Wildings angelic vocal right from the outset. The opening lines of “Honey came by this evening, and he said that he missed me so I told him nobody ever has. I did not mean to deceive him, then he leaned in to kiss me by the strip light with heaven in his hands” sets the scene of domestic life before the tale takes a turn. The heartbreak that lies at the centre of the track is palpable and Wilding’s vocal breaks as he recounts the story with notes of melancholy. The chorus incorporates the gentle guitar strums with another layer that reverberates and adds depth. The poetic lyrics continue painting the sorrowful tale through the chorus with lines such as “Your tears dry heavy on your collar tonight in their blissful way.” I like how Wilding is juxtaposing the sadness of the moment with the beauty he can find within it. The breakdown following the two choruses is an ethereal soundscape where the guitars, beat and electronic elements come into their own, accompanied by Wildings dreamy harmonies.  

Wilding spoke of the story behind the spellbinding track: “Some time ago, I met a girl on a train. We spoke for a little while, she sketched in my notepad and over a brief journey told my friend that she was unhappy. There was something very singular and strong about her, something leonine. I just couldn’t imagine her wasting away with no direction in a loveless relationship. That night, I imagined her being swept off her feet by a beautiful stranger and telling her partner she was leaving him. The defiance in her face, the sadness in his. The thing I love most about this song is I have no idea who this person is, and I probably never will. I imagined this world of liberation for her, in which strength and inner beauty are rewarded with freedom.”   

A passion for songwriting was borne from a love of Leonard Cohen and family singalongs, resulting in the heartfelt and moving tracks such as Ruby, Don’t Cry. In 2019 Wilding was signed to Abbey Records and his first two singles Johanna and Heartachers won critical praise. His debut LP will be released on 27th November. 

Ruby, Don’t Cry is available to download and stream now. Have a listen to Ruby, Don’t Cry below and find out more about Luca Wilding here. 

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