Single Review: Dark Tropics – Keep Searching

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Irish pop noir two-piece Dark Tropics return with their new single Keep Searching. The soulful track follows debut single Badlands and the follow-up Moroccan Sun. 

Keep Searching opens with gentle strings overlaid with waves lapping at the shoreline. The beat kicks in and remains paired back to allow the soulful piano keys to come to the fore. Rio’s gorgeous vocal blends perfectly with the keys and brings forth a vintage, retro air to the track. The chorus of “Keep searching for me, cos my eyes are so wild and I’ve had a strange night” is angelically sung and almost takes on the form of a mantra as the strings build and the chorus repeats. Lyrics such as “I’m not playing to lose, cos this is all ever I wanted to do. Cos you got a love that paints and listens, cos you got a love I know never goes away” beautifully articulate the intensity and difficulties that come with a turbulent relationship. The strings coupled with the keys bring a soulful intensity to the track which contrasts brilliantly with the acoustic guitar interludes. We’re played out with brooding strings which further add to the track’s romantic vibe. 

When speaking of the track, Dark Tropics said Keep Searching was inspired by the vibrancy and romance of 60’s American soul music. It’s about not wanting to be left behind and having the strength and resolve to chase a dream no matter what.”   

Dark Tropics is formed of Rio and Gerard, a pair who have a penchant for analogue instruments and retro recording techniques, resulting in a sound that is truly theirs. The Duo released debut single Badlands last summer, followed by Moroccan Sun which was included on Billboard’s 10 Cool New Pop Songs list. 

Keep Searching is available to stream now. Find out more about Dark Tropics here and have a listen to Keep Searching below.

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