Single Review: Cosmic Crooner – Deep Down in Jazz

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Amsterdam-based singer-songwriter Cosmic Crooner has just released his debut single Deep Down in Jazz. Inspired by the likes of Lou Reed and Serge Gainsbourg, the “Doowop Space Pop” track is dreamlike and reminiscent of floating through a sun-drenched reverie.  

Deep Down in Jazz opens with reverberating keys which set the tone for the dreamlike feel of the track. The guitars chime in with a gorgeous, Americana-esque sound and we’re transported to carefree, hazy days in sunnier climes. Cosmic Crooner’s voice is mellow and as smooth as honey as he tells his story in third person: “When he hit the stage the other day, Cosmic Crooner was born in such a way… Deep down in jazz, three chords make him mad. Somewhere he knows it’s his last show.” His vocals are deep and brooding and possess a wistful air. A powerful, spine-tingling electric guitar solo follows, further adding to the tracks nostalgic charm with a lounge-pop edge. Cosmic Crooners guitar skills are demonstrated once again in the outro as he plays a beautiful, deep progression. The whirling of synths and sprinkling of keys lend a psychedelic flair to the stunning track. 

The accompanying video is equally nostalgic, harking back to the breezy days of summers past. Inspired by Nouvelle-Vague movies and filmed by Cosmic Crooner’s girlfriend at Lake Como, the video ignites a sense of wanderlust and dreams of escapism. 

Deep Down in Jazz is available to stream now. Have a listen to Deep Down in Jazz below and find out more about Cosmic Crooner here.



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