Single Review: BRENDON ‘The Hats’

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Having made a name for himself in the 70’s off the back of hit single ‘Gimme Some’, singer-songwriter BRENDON has returned to his roots as he announces the release of the stirring folk-rock single, ‘The Hats’.

It was 1977 when BRENDON would make an impact on the cultural backdrop of Great Britain when he released the cover of the disco-inspired song ‘Gimme Some’ – a track recorded by Jimmy “Bo” Horne the previous year. The hit gave BRENDON a huge platform, allowing him to play and perform on Top of the Pops as the track peaked at number 14 in the charts.

A departure from his folk-rock roots, ‘Gimme Some’ impacted upon BRENDON’s burgeoning career as a singer-songwriter in the mould of renowned artists such as Cat Stevens and Tim Buckley. BRENDON’s love of the rousing, emotionally charged style of folk-rock never dulled and BRENDON continued to produce and create music.

Now over forty years later, BRENDON has revisited the sound that had seen the likes of UK Records invest in his obvious talents. Collaborating with producer Forbes Coleman, ‘The Hats’ sees BRENDON producing the kind of sprawling, reflective style of music he was born to play. Mesmerically strummed guitar is accented beautifully by a toe tapping rhythm section and BRENDON’s poignant vocal segments. Building throughout, ‘The Hats’ is a euphoric folk-rock number that recalls the likes of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

‘The Hats’ is BRENDON’s first release of 2020 and will be followed by further singles and videos before the unveiling of album, ‘Hold My Hand’ later in the year.

‘The Hats’ is out now.

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