Single Review: Babylamb – Icky

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Irish fourpiece Babylamb release their second single Icky today. The track is an uplifting slice of electro pop which has landed just in time for the last few days of summer. 

Icky opens with a deep bassy beat and off-kilter electronic flourishes as Tobias’ manipulated vocal kicks in with the opening line of “Crazy that lately I never see you around no more.” His raw vocal follows which comes across as effortless as he experiments with soaring high notes. The track ebbs and flows as the drum pad and electronic elements surge and bubble as if emerging from below a water’s surface. When the synth and drums kick in the track hits its addictive peak. The sing-along harmonies are perfect for getting firmly wedged in your head and the chorus of “I only had ya for a minute, so don’t you touch my heart it’s icky, icky icky” is addictive, summery electro pop at its best. 

Icky is a lighthearted track about drunken kisses on nights out and at parties, things which right now seem like a distant memory to many. Speaking of Icky, vocalist Tobias said “Smooching a stranger at a party is a righteous little act of living that Babylamb have been missing and mourning. You’re screwed up, nauseous, out of control and miss it like crazy. In Icky, we’re not quite ready to touch hearts, but to touch at all would be a good start.” 

Icky follows the 2019 release Bodyright and Babylamb are swiftly gaining fans, especially in their native Ireland. 

Icky is available to stream now. Find out more about Babylamb here and have a listen to Icky below.  

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