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‘Year of the Rat’ is the latest offering from Boston post-hardcore 5 piece, Vanna.

The band, around since 2004, has been through a plethora of changes in the proceeding years. Bands can get very stagnated when going through line-up changes but, luckily for us, Vanna are not one of those bands. With the release of their fourth full length later this month, we can expect to get more of the same from the latest release.

The single ‘Year of the Rat’ is full of energy, powerful drums and conceptual guitar riffs, everything you’d expect from a post-hardcore outfit. When you think the energy in the song cannot be sustained they kick it up a notch just after two minutes with an ear shattering break down.

You can tell this will be a crowd favourite when it comes to live shows, with so many chances for the crowd to chant the words back.

Many bands in the genre find themselves sounding like one another and falling into a mediocre category, Vanna do not and ‘Year of the Rat’ just encourages them to stride past all the other bands. With honest, open lyrics, great vocals and a stage presence to match, Vanna have a lot of reasons to find themselves top of your list for high quality post-hardcore bands.

Vanna can be seen live in the UK at GhostFest  in Leeds on June 29th.

The lyrics video for ‘Year of the Rat’ can be found below: 


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