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Best known as lead guitarist for Creed and Alter Bridge. Mark Tremonti has nothing to prove. He’s done it all.

He won guitarist of the year for 3 consecutive years, as voted by Guitar Magazine, he has achieved incontrovertible commercial success with Creed and Alter Bridge, selling over 50 million records, and if that wasn’t enough, he released his 1st solo album ‘All I Was’ to rave reviews last July.

Tremonti, a self confessed metal head, mixed the two fore-mentioned bands with a pinch of Slayer, a dash of Pantera and a sprinkle of Metallica. This produced a harder/heavier album, which the Wolverhampton crowd were amped and ready to be blown away by.

‘Leave It Alone’ began the set and it didn’t stop until every song off his debut album had been played, plus the addition of a couple of b-sides. No Creed or Alter Bridge tunes tonight, it’s 100% Mark Tremonti.

Flanked by Eddie Van Halen’s son Wolfgang on Bass and Eric Friedman on rhythm guitar, all musicians gelled perfectly with the ferocious six-string savagery of Tremonti, included with the powerhouse drumming of Garrett Whitlock.

The songs came across even heavier live than they do on record, as he nailed every hardcore riff and jaw dropping solo. The power assault continued with ‘Giving Up and All I Was’.

Tremonti has stepped up to the front man role with confidence and sang with angst and conviction. ‘Doesn’t Matter’ and the ballad ‘New Way Out’ would be at home on either a Creed or Alter Bridge album, but the crowd were happy singing along to the catchy choruses that showcased the canny instinct Tremonti has for hitting the sweet spot between melody and menace. The speed and axe grinding fury continued with ‘Wish You Well’ and ‘You Waste Your Time’. The all too short set was brought to a climax with ‘All That I’ve Got’ and ‘Brains’.

The Tremonti project has surpassed all of my expectations and it was a joy to see them in such an intimate setting. The first time I witnessed Alter Bridge was at this venue. The sound was perfect as always, at the Wulfrun Hall, and the only criticism I would make would be the lighting, as at times the band were playing in the dark.

But, other than that, Valentines Day was full of love for Mr Tremonti!

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