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The Deftones are a one of a kind alternative metal act, sometimes described as being part of the ‘Nu-Metal’ scene. The Deftones have been going for a long time, even with ups and downs in personal or band life, music wise they never seem to lose their way and always produce something that that fans are happy with.

They still utilize the sound that shot them to success in the first place, but they unlike other bands, such as Limp Bizkit or Linkin Park in the ‘Nu-metal’ scene, show that you do not need to change dramatically to grow dramatically. The Deftones continued to be solid, and album after album continues to keep their unique sound that defines them.

Front man Chino Moreno said the band went back to basics for Koi No Yokan.

“Our goal was to kind of rebuild what we created over the years. I felt like we had to prove ourselves.”

From their previous album ‘Diamond Eyes’, I do not really understand why The Deftones have to prove themselves as ‘Diamond Eyes’ was a great album and beautifully recorded. So the fact that Chino still feels the need to prove himself means the band still have fire going which a lot of bands would have trouble keeping strong going into their 7th studio album.

They managed to keep the fire and go back to basics with ‘Koi No Yokan’, yet still sounding fresh. ‘Koi No Yokan is Japanese for a feeling similar to love at first sight, however more like knowing that love will develop from this first sighting. As a big follower of The Deftones after my first hearing of this album, I understood immediately the Japanese meaning.

The album is a powerful 7th for The Deftones. It has floating soundscapes blending with doom-churning riffs; ‘Leathers’ is a perfect example of this. A track that begins with some light, electronic sounds and then comes storming in with a brutal riff and vocals.

There is a real feel for human nature in this album. All aspects of human reactions and feelings are represented in some way through this epic. The Deftones have not shied away at the 6 minute songs either. With almost three songs pushing the 6 minute barrier. ‘Rosemary’ being my favourite long piece on this album. This track flows almost in reverse, and then interrupted by grinding guitar parts; tight expressive drum parts that all link together to make something warming to the soul yet at the same time saddens.

‘Koi No Yokan’ is a complete album. It ticks all the boxes of a full rounded record. There are moments that make you want to go crazy which would be expected from a heavy band such as The Deftones. There are songs that will lul you into a dreamlike state. Each of the tracks interlinking and working together to create the overall tone of this album that every human should be able to understand and get to grips with. The concepts the album tackles are great, eye opening and self realising to the glory of life in all its different forms, emotions and actions all.

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