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Johnny Allen Hendrix ‘Jimi Hendrix’ was born on November 27th, and died on September 18th 1970, at the ‘infamous’ age of 27 (the 27 Club). He shared the ‘Rock n Roll’ age of dying with Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison and others. He is a world famous guitarist, and his name is synonymous with flamboyant guitar playing, the original ‘guitar hero’.

There has been news according to Rolling Stone (magazine) that a release of a ‘lost LP’ from Jimi Hendrix will be set to go on sale on March, 5 2013. The lost LP was to be named ‘People, Hell and Angels’ and this LP is the record that Hendrix was working on as a follow up to ‘Electric Ladyland’, the LP Hendrix was working on when he passed away.

Being a guitarist myself, and a big Hendrix enthusiast I am massively looking forward to this being released. I purchased ‘Valleys of Neptune’ (I would suggest that people who don’t have it already to purchase it) which also has some unreleased material dating from the same era. This was mouthwatering enough, with some re-mastered and re-edited tracks from Jimi Hendrix’s back catalogue. However this time it is different as I am looking forward to the release of a totally new LP posthumously from Jimi Hendrix.

November the 27th this year will be the 70th year of Hendrix’s birth. Experience Hendrix L.L.C (family owned company) has put together the full set of the renowned 1969 Woodstock Festival performance by Jimi Hendrix and is set for cinematic release. It will be shown on November 29 and December 4th at more than 30 cinemas across the UK. It is digitally restored, and the songs are played in their original sequence as it happened in 69. The road to Woodstock is also documented on the film, with interviews from famous people, people related and those close to Hendrix at the time. Jimi Hendrix’s sister and CEO of Experience Hendrix said;

“All of us at Experience Hendrix are thrilled with the fact that Live At Woodstock will be shown in theatres.”

I am exceedingly happy at this release and can look forward to the New Year, concerning new guitarists. Christmas is always a big time for people to start playing guitar due to presents after children begging their parents for the guitar that might just be left gathering dust in a years time, however, maybe with these new releases from Jimi Hendrix; the fire will be lit in the hearts of these young guitarists and a whole new era of Hendrix can be shared for a first time with young aspiring axe-wielders.


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