Single Review: Janet Devlin – Wonderful

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Having come off the machine that is the X-Factor in 2011, Janet Devlin has had to do a lot in order to get rid of the stigma that follows any X-Factor contestant…

Having originally sent in a video to audition for the show Janet was invited to audition in person two days later, where she sang Elton John’s ‘Your Song’, and proceeding this moved on to her role of Saturday night stardom on the live shows.

Janet has recently revealed her struggles when on the show, which is hardly surprising as she never really was that typical X-Factor talent, stating in an interview for The Metro, “I was on that roof for several hours (Judges Houses). I was being quite emotionless, which got on their nerves. They said how do you expect anyone to connect with you unless you let your guard down? Eventually, I cried. It was horrible.”

After winning the most votes for four weeks in a row Janet Devlin was sent home after seeming to forget the lyrics to Hanson’s song ‘Mmmbop’, but she has since revealed that she had not had the time to eat much because of the routine of the show and that after having a big dinner on the Saturday before the live show she fell ill. “I felt a bit ill and when I was singing I felt bile coming up in my throat, swallowed it, and lost my place in the song,” she laughs. “I just thought: “Please don’t throw up on national TV.””

It was getting this far in the show, however, that has led to some new original music from the 19 year old Northern Irish singer. Her new single ‘Wonderful’ comes off her debut album ‘Hide & Seek’.

Wonderful’ is a reminder of why Janet was so popular while on the X-Factor. The song is co-written with Newton Faulkner and it is an instant hit. Janet’s unique voice delivers an enchanting lyric to go along with a radio friendly track. It is safe to say this is Janet as herself and not as she was seen on the X-Factor. The song is infectious and will have you singing along for days. It is hard to come by a catchy song these days that has meaning in the lyrics, but this is exactly what Janet has achieved when writing this song with Newton Faulkner, with lyrics like “I wanna let you in, Let me introduce you to my skeletons , Get underneath my skin, We can always dive into irrelevance”. Having just come off a sold out Uk & Ireland tour I expect bigger and better things are to come for Janet Devlin.


Wonderful’ is out on November 25 and  is taken from the album ‘Hide & Seek’.

Check out the video for ‘Wonderful’ below:


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