Album Review: Justin Bieber – Purpose

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Having rediscovered his new "Purpose", a newer and more mature Bieber has found his sound in the new album leading to more skeptics questioning and having to address that they may very well be, Beliebers.

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After teasing fans for months, “Purpose” comes as the fourth studio album by Canadian born Justin Bieber.

Bieber has been working on “Purpose” for the last few years and has endlessly been promoting the release of his latest album. With Bieber constantly under the spotlight of the media, his album was bound to cause a stir among dedicated fans and new listeners. There is an EDM influence as co-producer Skrillex worked alongside Bieber for the new album.

The album begins with “Mark My Words” before leading into “I’ll Show You”, allowing you to empathise with him as he writes about the trouble of growing up in the public eye “Sometimes it’s hard to do the right thing when the pressure’s coming down like lightning // This life’s not easy, I’m not made out of steel, don’t forget that I’m real.”

Third track, “What Do You Mean?” was released as the lead single, to which Bieber incorporated a countdown on placards, with other celebrities becoming involved in the promotion – building up further interest on social media. No doubt that this comes as the most catchy track on the record, with a mixture of simple piano chords, electro-dance riffs, upbeat synths and plenty of bass.

Another catchy beat captures your attention in “Sorry“, with Bieber’s lyrics fitting comfortably into the syncopated beat as the track allows him to acknowledge his downfalls within a past relationship, “Cause I’m missing more than just your body, is it too late now to say sorry?“, and providing an apology in acknowledgement of his mistakes.

Love Yourself” features Ed Sheeran and brings the album down to a lower tone, with Sheeran’s influence evident in the soothing, staccato chords on an electro-guitar and accompaniment of brass within a musical fill. However, do not be misled by the soothing tone of the track as the lyrics seem to call out a past love interest “My mama don’t like you and she likes everyone // I’m better sleeping on my own.”

Even with the influence of co-producer Skrillex working on the album, Bieber sticks to his R&B influences with rappers Big Sean featured in “No Pressure” and auto-tuned Travis Scott in “No Sense“.

The Feeling” comes as a melodic, space-like and psychedelic track featuring Halsey, contemplating the feeling of love in lyrics, “Am I in love with you? Am I in love with the feeling?“. Halsey’s vocals compliment Bieber and gives the track a pop-like feel among the dubstep beats.

A piano ballad comes in the form of “Life Is Worth Living“, to which Bieber makes a plea for forgiveness and understanding through, “I ain’t perfect, won’t deny, my reputation’s on the line, so I’m working on a better me.” This contributes to the continuing theme throughout the album of his growth and new lease on life and making music.

Skrillex & Diplo contribute in their collaboration in “Where Are Ü Now” and brings the tempo of the album back up, with distinct hooks and beats. This track came before the release and build up of “Purpose” and was the beginning of Bieber’s comeback. “Children” has the classic make-up of a clubbing track, with a underlying profound message about being a generation of change and inspiration.

Bieber then ends the album with title track “Purpose“, a heartfelt piano ballad to which Bieber proclaims his faith and dedication to God. This track acknowledges his reasons for his growth and maturity through the spoken monologue, he has found his re-discovered his purpose.

Accompanying the release of the album, Bieber has created a music video for each track on his Vevo YouTube channel, naming it “Purpose: The Movement“. If these 13 tracks are not enough, Bieber has released a deluxe edition with an additional 5 tracks including one track featuring Nas. There is no doubt that he has been working hard on the detail and release of his comeback proving that he has matured and become a new man.

Having described how he felt like he was losing his purpose in life, Bieber shows that he has matured and become more humble, he tells the story of fame and how people’s judgement have affected his life. After all this, Bieber has been able to have found the perfect sound for “Purpose” and allows listeners to focus on what is most important, the music.

Check out the music video for Bieber’s number 1 single, “Sorry” below:

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