Single Review: Hudson Taylor – Feel It Again

Hudson Taylor - Feel It Again
  • Hudson Taylor - Feel It Again


Hudson Taylor have been around for years now and their new music continues to be fresh, catchy and original.

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Dublin duo Hudson Taylor have once again reaffirmed their position as the “crème de la crème” of Irish musical talent with their new single “Feel It Again”. With relative silence in terms of releasing music since “Singing for Strangers” came out in 2015,  “Feel It Again” is yet another lyrically beautiful, upbeat and truly original track.

The beauty of Hudson Taylor is that they’ve managed to avoid falling into the trap of “sameyness” that has claimed so many acts in the genre. “Feel It Again” has the trademark Hudson Taylor sound without sounding like a re-hash of one of their older songs.  The verses give off a new vibe that’s reminiscent of old-school rock n’ roll with just enough of that folky fusion influence to ensure that the Hudson Taylor stamp remains firmly in place throughout. The song builds tension to absolute bursting point with the addition of jazz elements in the form of brass and piano, that explodes into a chorus you cant help but grove to. The catchy clapping theme throughout creates a that will have even the most passive listeners tapping along.

Lyrically, the song tells a story of finding freedom and while in reading, the subject matter could be perceived as quite heavy, the song takes a more optimistic stance. The words are well chosen and well structured and often add a hint of relatability  in some way to what is ultimately a song about a very specific personal struggle.

“Feel It Again” is the latest entry into a legacy of truly unique and original music from Hudson Taylor. The perfect nod to what has been and the perfect glimpse into what’s to come.

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