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Amsterdam-based Cosmic Crooner returns with new single Reflexopolis, another psychedelia-tinged lounge-luxe offering from the master of old-school cool. 

Reflexopolis sounds like a throwback to a bygone era right from the off: a beautiful soundscape of downtempo synths are offset by just a hint of a bassline and the gentlest of guitar strums. The beat kicks in and the percussion and keys transport us to the easy cool lounge-vibe of the 70s. A head-turning guitar solo chimes in, bathed in psychedelia, and sweeps the listener up in a euphoric whirlwind. Cosmic Crooners vocal is the ultimate in silky smooth escapism and you can’t help but swoon when he sings “It’s so clear now that my songs may be slow but my love will grow.” 

The sense of nostalgia and escapism is mirrored in the accompanying visually stunning video which was shot in 16mm film and captures nature in its raw scenic beauty, juxtaposed against architecture in minimalist and retro forms. Speaking of the video for Reflexopolis Cosmic Crooner said “For this video, I wanted to use more tricks and more colours. We approached the video as a painting and solely used primary colours, feeling very inspired by Kubrick’s ‘Barry Lyndon’ and Godard’s ‘Weekend’. The video was largely shot in the surroundings of Paris.” 

Cosmic Crooner cites Lou Reed, Serge Gainsbourg and David Bowie as influences in his self-proclaimed “doowop space pop” and I can’t wait to hear more glorious psychedelia from the genre’s newest icon. 

Reflexopolis is available to stream now. Find out more about Cosmic Crooner here and listen to Reflexopolis below. 


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