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Bry’s self-titled début album is a pure example of the progress a sound can undergo with a journey that encapsulates a steadily growing fanbase, plenty of gigging in the homeland and abroad and songwriting that continues to top the last batch.


‘Bry’ is an album that boasts balance and something to rave about from beginning to end.


Kicking off with ‘Disarm’, an upbeat track in melody with a darker tone in the lyrical content, it seems to be the perfect opening tune for the album. Tracks such as ‘You’re Alright’ and ‘Everything’ have a lot in common and are smooth flowing tracks that just give you a bit of easy listening, and give the impression of a great live sound straight from the offset!


On the more downbeat side of the spectrum, ‘Fall In Place’ is definitely a standout track of the album. Not only does it strike a delicate chord after a predominantly upbeat and indie rock record, but it showcases Bry’s writing ability, and puts that personal touch to the debut album that longterm fans have been waiting such a length of time for.


Between this album and the arena tour with Twenty One Pilots, Bry has set himself ahead of the game and will be stepping into the new year on the front foot… we’ve said it from the start, but he’s one to keep your eye on for the next year!

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