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FFO: The Strokes Nai Harvest, Darlia
We had a chat with the south of England’s Fever, who aren’t afraid to say they are fine combination of pop and rock (but hold the coke).

Hello how are you today?
I’m/we are good. We played with Baby Strange in London on Friday and I think we have finally recovered. You alright?

Give us an insight on how Fever got together?
Contrary to previous answers you may find online. We are all sisters. It’s actually just really boring, Me (Jamie), Connor, and Hutch had played music together for a while after attending the same school and then Fraser graced us with his curls through a friend!

What has been your main influence on your music?
Sound-wise, there’s a bunch of influences from indie-punky bands through to 80s pop music. I suppose we’ve tried to make a combination of those. Lyrically, it’s just about experiences – whether they’re our own, someone else’s or just from our imagination.

If you had to choose, who would you like people to say you sound like?
We wouldn’t want to lay down comparisons specifically. Maybe just be comparable to those bands who managed to mean something to someone and who’s songs justify their place in peoples ears.

Tell us about some of your major influences so far
Fleetwood Mac, The Cure, PEACE…just bands who find the balance of pop music and guitars…without sounding shit or curated.

Where would you want to be in five years as a band?
Touring, putting out music that people like and want more of. Selling out a venue somewhere that isn’t home would be something special.

Are there any bands/acts you’ve been playing with you think we should check out?
Most notable would be YAK. We played two shows with them on their tour and they’re something else. Great guys too.

Any upcoming events our readers can catch Fever playing?
July 11th at Lennons, Southampton. We’re playing with The Magic Gang (another band you should check out) as part II of So Young Magazine’s 2nd Birthday party.

Is there anything else you think we should know?
We’ve just been announced for a great festival called ‘Independence Festival’ on 14th November, playing with the likes of TOY, Tigercub, YAK, The Wytches, Theo Verney, The Rifles and more! Anyone that likes fun should come down for sure.

Oh and here’s our soundcloud:

. . . Keep an eye out for more music soon!

My Predictions: Fever are bringing raw unadulterated music to the table. It’s evident that teaming up with Wild Smiles’ Chris Peden shows that they are looking for that stripped back sound. A few good small stage festivals and a pick up on Pitchfork’s radar will have everyone’s eyes on Fever. Just you wait.

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