Kasabian tease possible album release date.

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Can you feel it coming..?

With the Leicester-formed rock band the overwhelming favourites to be confirmed as Glastonbury 2014 headliners, Kasabian tease the date [ 16.06.14 ] on their Facebook page today. The date has much significance, coming just a week before the musical extravaganza at Worthy Farm kicks-off.

All the arrows are pointing to an album release date. The Leicester-formed rock band have been working on their fifth studio album over the past year following a break due to fathering duties of the two main members, Sergio Pizzorno and Tom Meighan. The album is rumored to be going down an electro route, with Tom stating that the sound is heavily influenced by The Prodigy. The album would also come exactly a decade after the release of the bands self-titled debut LP.

Kasabian Date

Speaking to NME earlier in the year, lead singer Tom Meighan said: “The album is a real ‘fuck you’ to anyone who ever dares criticise or snarl at us, and say we can’t do music like this. It’s a real fucking ‘up yours’. There are a lot of bands who try and do this kind of music but fail because they’ve got no songs.”

It was previously confirmed that a track on the album contains lyrical reference to last year’s horsemeat scandal. The track in question, ‘Ezz-Ehh’, contains the lyrics “Horsemeat in the burgers, people commit murders, everyone’s on bugle, we’re being watched by Google“. Humour has been ever present in Kasabian tracks but its’s refreshing to hear their new satirical edge.

The first six tracks from the album have been confirmed by Sergio as Bumblebee, Explodes, Ezz-Eh, Glass, Kid and Scissor Paper Stone.

Here’s hoping both festival and album rumours are true; British music has been a little quieter without the lads from Leicester touring and promoting around the UK.

Watch Sergio Pizzorno from Kasabian tease fans with lyrics from a new track, below.

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