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Set to play live on BBC Radio 2 with Dermot O’Leary this Saturday following a recent set at British Summertime, alternative folk pop trio Meadowlark are gracefully picking up momentum.

We had a chat with the band just before their set at Barn on the Farm…

You guys are set to play Barn On The Farm – are you excited?

So excited! We played last year and it was our first ever festival so we’ve developed a massive soft spot for the staff and the people that come here. Everyone LOVES music and really cares about the artist – it has an incredible atmosphere.

You recently concluded your first headline tour – how did it go?

It was so fun, thank you! Humbling to see people pay actual money to see a show where we’re the headliner. Still hasn’t really sunk in. Everyone was really supportive and a lot of people surprisingly knew the words to some songs which is crazy.

Your first EP was released in May entitled ‘Three Six Five’ – How important was it for you guys get your music out there for the public to hear?

It was really important because we were getting offered gigs but had nothing out there officially for people to buy! We’d been songwriting for a while at that point and had songs we were happy with, so it was a case of finding the right producer for our sound. Once we were happy with the sound and had recorded it – we were itching to get it out. We’re so happy with it!

Your sound is somewhere between London Grammar and Daughter with a folk edge, would those be bands that would have inspired you, or did your sound come about more organically? 

Those bands are awesome but they were never really an influence. To be honest, individually we all have quite different tastes so it’s more of a combined effort. I love pop music, Dan loves indie music and Carl’s big into post-rock. It’s a bit of everything really!

Do you find playing a festival a more nerve wrecking experience considering a lot of people may not know your music?

I guess it can be a bit more nerve wracking for sure, but it’s also really exciting! It just means there are people there who could potentially really connect with you and your music and that’s an awesome thought.

What are the plans for after this weekend? Can we expect another release before the year is out?

Yeah we’re planning our second EP to come out before the end of the year. A lot of people have heard 1 or 2 songs from it already and they’ve gotten great feedback. We wanna make this one a little bit different as well. For now though, we’ve got a few more festivals under our belt and a lot of writing to do!

VOTE for Barn on the Farm as the Best Independent Festival right here: – We did!

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