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Set to head out on tour this April, Nottingham rockers Amber Run have also been added to the Barn on the Farm line up having well and truly wowed the crowd in Over Farm last year.

We caught up with them for a pre-festival chat…


You guys are set to do a string of UK dates in April – excited for that?

We live for the road. If we had it our way, we would tour every day for the rest of our lives, provided that we all skip entering the 27 club! Playing the songs to an audience and hearing the crowd respond to your music is the best feeling in the world. I suppose that was a long answer..but yes. April. Hurry up!


You’re also heading to Ireland as part of that for Belfast and Dublin shows. Have you played in Ireland much before?

We have been once before, we got off the most hectic ferry ride of our lives and went straight in to do a session for RTE 2FM and then played Whelan’s upstairs bar. It was so cool to be in a different country and people know your songs. We are very excited to go back. 


I saw you guys tweet about Nottingham selling out first. Have you guys any special plans for the hometown show?

We have spent a long time debating what to do, we will have a few special things up our sleeves. But my word, every time we play Nottingham we lose our minds and ALWAYS have a show the next day and its heavy. It’s just such a good feeling to sell out a venue like that. We all saw some of our favourite bands play there. 


You’ve been announced for Barn on the Farm. You played it last year, how does it feel to be back on the line up this year?

It was the first festival we ever played together back in 2013, its honestly our favourite festival. When we came and played again in 2014 it was absolutely heaving and the sense of progression was huge and of course this year the line up is ridiculously sick to be a part of. 


What do you love most about festivals, and what about Barn on the Farm appeals to you?

Everyone who goes to barn on the farm to watch bands, to play, to help out. They ALL love music, everyone knows each other, everyone hangs out and everyone supports one another. Its none of this weird VIP sectioned off shit where you need a million wristbands just get to the toilet. Its like, all the artists get in a massive barn, have some food, have some drink, go play, have fun, and get weird. Its just the best.


How do you find festival performances differ to headline shows? Do you feel like you’re out trying to win people over as opposed to just going out to give fans a good night?

We don’t play any different, we attack every song like we normally do. We do also love playing to a bunch of people that have never heard of us before, its like your going to the crowd ‘Come on, we love doing this’ and you want them to join your team. 


Other than Barn on the Farm and the UK/Ire tour, what are you looking forward to as a band for the near future, any plans?

More shows… and then more shows. Sitting at home doing nothing is not on the agenda. 


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