EP Review: LOOP – Call Me LOOP

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LOOP wears her influences like a badge of pride on this collection of electronic pulsations and seductive jams.

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London-based singer-songwriter Georgia Buchanan, AKA LOOP, has released her debut EP “Call Me LOOP”. Although brand new blood, LOOP is carving herself into one of the UK’s most exciting pop prospects and her debut EP “Call Me LOOP” boasts an effortless cool that floats around the 90’s-flecked mist that permeates from the EPs every pore.

Opening track ‘As If’ paves the groundwork as Loop fuses her playful, left-of-centre pop inclinations with seductively retro R&B. An exquisite kiss-off; LOOPs silver-tongued lyrics take the high road in response to infidelity as it bends through delicious dub rhythms and shows of synthesiser crescendos.

Leading single ‘Losing My Mind’ is a spectacular infusion of all the hallmarks of a pop banger with massive potential; cascading synths, heavy electronic vibrance and ear worm hooks. The powerful instrumental elements are complimented by LOOPs soulful vocals, which glisten beautifully next to Benji Miller’s intricate production.

‘Know Me Better’ is a more contemplative exploration of LOOP’s songwriting. Her honey-soaked vocal sits comfortably with the fine-drawn production of the verses, which pay salute to the electronic music that made the 90’s a wonderful era. A deceptive creature, this unusual pop ballad sings of making ones own way in the world with verses that belie a chorus that skips with a gentle sway.

“Call Me LOOP” closes with the refined ‘Little By Little’. Awash with an R&B rhythm and ghostly spaces, this curtain call provides the brooding Yang to ‘As If’s effervescent Yin. Much like ‘Know Me Better’, this lyrical meditation outwits listeners with its soothing verses before throwing us with a chorus that brims with oscillating synths which act as the signature element throughout the EP.

A delightful reinvention of 90’s Pop, LOOP has all the weapons she needs to become a powerful pop star and I am rooting for her victory.

“Call Me LOOP” is available for download now.

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