EP Review: Fiona Bevan – Wild Angels Sweet Demons

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Multi-platinum selling songwriter Fiona Bevan has released her new EP Wild Angels Sweet Demons. 

Fiona released her debut album Talk To Strangers in 2014 and has an established career in songwriting. Some of her song writing credits include the incredibly successful One Direction track Little Things which she wrote with Ed Sheeran as well as songs recorded by Rita Ora, Steps and Mika. Finding time to record her own music can be tricky but Wild Angels Sweet Demons is worth the wait. When talking about writing her own music Fiona said “I started to carve out time for it, as I realised it was making me ill to not create my own music. I’ve been writing this music by simply following my excitement, and digging deep into the darkness and seeing where it leads me. It’s not about writing to a brief, or thinking about how to market to a demographic, or what might work on radio. It’s me recording something I wrote, which means so much.”

Opening track Wild Angels introduces the listener to Fiona’s delicate breathy vocal. Set against a backdrop of fluttering keys, Fiona’s voice takes centre stage and displays an almost angelic quality, very fitting with the title of the track. As the chorus kicks in, Fiona’s voice becomes incredibly atmospheric, almost sounding like she’s singing in a place of worship. Themes which come across in this track are goodwill and nursing the needy back to health in the way a heavenly angel would do. It’s a beautiful opener and leaves you with chills. 

Sweet Demons is a pacier offering where Fiona tests her vocal to the limits. The track is pared back with just a piano, which becomes heavier as the track progresses, as the main accompaniment. The recurring deep bass is unexpected and is noticeable enough to give the track an edge. The religious theme continues here with lyrics such as “who’s been leading me to temptation?” and when she sings of never having peace from her demons. This track could be seen as the antithesis to Wild Angels as Fiona sings about beings from the dark as opposed to the light and sings about sinful behaviour rather than that which has been helping others.  

The Bad Book showcases Fiona’s vibrato and is the most uptempo track on the EP. The piano keys are this time replaced by an acoustic guitar which delivers an ever so slight Americana vibe when coupled with her heartfelt and raw vocal. The flurry of percussion after the chorus arrives in an unexpected wave, disappearing as fast as it arrived.  

Final track Goddess opens gently and beautifully, just stripped back keys and Fiona’s pared back vocal. We’re introduced to some angelic harmonies and a striking interlude of swirling keys and what could be a sprinkle of harp melodies. The resemblance of the sound to harp strings just further adds to the magical and angelic feel of the track. The fitting way the track fades out as Fiona sings the final line “look at what the goddess made us, what she gave us, music till she fades us out” is an example of the attention to detail which can be found in each and every track. 

Wild Angels Sweet Demons is a beautiful breath of fresh air and deserves as much air play as all of her previous song writing successes.

Have a listen to Wild Angels below and find out more about Fiona Bevan here. Wild Angels Sweet Demons is available to purchase and download now.

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