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The Cribs have announced details of their singles collection album, ‘Payola’, to be released in February 2013.

“You’ve got to be special to deliver a great love song. The Buzzcocks did it, Aztec Camera did it. Ash did, and can still do it. To those add The Cribs …” so hailed the band’s press release for their second single ‘You Were Always The One’ back in 2004. You have to be pretty special to last a decade but The Cribs have believed, provoked, empowered, excited and more than ever inspired since their arrival in 2003 and to mark the occasion comes the release of the oh, so dryly titled compilation, ‘Payola’ on 25th February 2013 (Wichita).

From their inception in the early noughties, twins Gary and Ryan together with younger brother Ross have built a considerable reputation not only amongst their fans but likewise with critics and their musical peers. ‘Payola’ – a musical journey tracing the band’s musical output from the outset through to their fifth and most recent album ’In The Belly Of The Brazen Bull’ – is a concise 22 track album that includes the previously unreleased track ‘Leather Jacket Love Song’. This song, recorded in 2010, was the last song the band completed as a four piece, and thus, the final song to feature former Cribs guitarist Johnny Marr.

‘Payola’ will be released on CD and vinyl in its standard format, but for the ardent Cribs fan there will be a deluxe version, featuring an exclusive 18 track B-Sides and rarities album, to comprise the 40 track ‘Anthology Edition’.

‘Payola’ track listing:

01. ‘Another Number’
02. ‘Come On, Be A No-One’
03. ‘I’m A Realist’
04. ‘Hey Scenesters’
05. ‘We Share The Same Skies’
06. ‘You Were Always The One’
07. ‘Anna’
08. ‘Cheat On Me’
09. ‘Back to The Bolthole’
10. ‘We Were Aborted’
11. ‘Our Bovine Public’
12. ‘I’ve Tried Everything’
13. ‘Direction’
14. ‘Glitters Like Gold’
15. ‘Be Safe’
16. ‘Mirror Kisses’
17. Men’s Needs’
18. ‘We Can No Longer Cheat’
19. ‘Chi-Town’
20. ‘The Wrong Way To Be’
21. ‘City Of Bugs’
22. ‘Leather Jacket Love Song’


01. ‘Glandular Fever Got The Best Of Me’
02. ‘On A Hotel Wall’
03. ‘Saturday Night Facts Of Life’
04. ‘Kind Words From The Broken Hearted’
05. ‘It Happened So Fast’
06. ‘Eat Me’
07. ‘Fairer Sex’
08. ‘Advice From A Roving Artist’
09. ‘You’re Gonna Lose Us’
10. ‘Get Yr Hands Out Of My Grave’
11. ‘My Adolescent Dreams’
12. ‘Bastards Of Young’
13. ‘To Jackson’
14. ‘Better Than Me’
15. ‘So Hot Now’
16. ‘Is Anybody There?’
17. ‘Don’t You Wanna Be Relevant?’
18. ‘Don’t Believe In Me’

As with the band’s previous recordings – bar their now rather elusive split 7” single on Leeds punk label Squirrel – the 22 track ‘Payola’ will be available through all reputable musical emporiums both on the high street and online via Wichita Recordings.

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