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Hailing from a city with a music scene historically famed for fusion between genres, native Mancunians The Minx have done little to break from this tradition with their latest single ‘(Can You Find) My Head’.

Slated for official release on 9th December, this short-but-sweet offering manages to cover acres of musical territory in just under three minutes.

Within moments, ‘(Can You Find) My Head’ bombards the listener from all sides with a sound that is as glorious as it is chaotic.  Scratchy rhythm guitar chords and a turbulent crescendo of noise kick off proceedings, followed my a frantic lead riff and vicious keyboard stabs reminiscent of early Elvis Costello.  The resulting sound is surprisingly complex, managing to invoke hints of Classic Rock, New Wave, Indie and even Motown and Ska thanks to a wonderfully authentic 60s organ tone.  The back-and-forth between the motormouth vocals and raucous backing works to tremendous effect, carrying the track with an explosive Punk energy.  Their effectiveness is particularly evident during what proves to be an utterly infectious refrain that will no doubt be a highlight of their live shows for the foreseeable future.

The band will be playing their biggest headline show to date at Manchester’s Sound Control on Saturday 7th December to celebrate the release of their new single, supported by Dirty North and No Hot Ashes.  All locals be sure to be in attendance, as this is one song that’s sure to create waves on the stage.



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