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The title track from Morrissey’s upcoming album “World peace is none of your business” charms its way in your head after the first listen with the catchy hook of the chorus.

Morrissey explores our obedience to government and how the government wield their authority over us using the police as enforcers, lashing out at tax money that is blindly being paid in but wielded by those with ill motives ignoring what we might want them to do. Morrissey delivers a sentiment that by voting we enforce this system and entrap ourselves, doing the work for them, suggesting we might just be fools for allowing it.



Morrissey has never been afraid to make any point including political ones and on this track he floats the lines into your mind wrapped in beautiful melody, you’ll be singing along in no time and maybe his words will give you cause for thought. Morrissey has experimented with a variety of sounds over the years and this particular track feels like both a serenade and an appeal.

Personally this track makes me excited for what’s to come, a very full 18 track album that many including myself have been waiting for since 2009. The album is available for pre-order on iTunes and is expected to drop on the 14th July.

It gets better for Morrissey fans because even when you’ve played the album to your satisfaction he has a deal for another.





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