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I’m not going to beat around the bush, the first time this band’s music hit my ears I fell in love. In a time with so much manufactured ‘music’ designed to infiltrate your brain, and your wallet, the beautiful integrity with which Lauren Mann and The Fairly Odd Folk write and play their music is similar to falling into your warm, comfortable bed at the end of a long, tiring day.

To carry you into the beautiful dreamland that is Over Land and Sea are a Canadian band from Calgary, Alberta, fronted by the brilliant Lauren Mann, originally a solo artist touring through Canada before collaborating with other local musicians whom have since became the Fairly Odd Folk. The band now consists of Lauren on lead vocals, piano & ukulele, Jay Christman on drums/percussion, Jessica Christman on bass, additional keys & backing vocals, Josh Akin on electric & acoustic guitar, Hammer Clark as Front of House tech, and Zoltan Szoges on additional keys, percussion and glockenspiel. Much like the Machine to Florence, this musical combination has made for a band, and a sound, with something really special.

If you were to describe Lauren Mann And The Fairly Odd Folk’s sound with a standard label, I guess it would be ‘indie folk-pop’, but this is the kind of low-cost sticky label that you place on an item for a few minutes before it gives up its stickiness and falls off; it does not do the sound, or the music, justice.

Over Land and Sea begins with Fragile, Lauren Mann’s gorgeous vocals opening up the album by cutting through any doubt and hitting you right in the musical heart. “We are fragile needing much, we are delicate to the touch, we are temporary at best, unaware of what’s next. We float through space and time, transient hearts align.” Musical poetry that floats through equally elegant instrumental melody, just a small taste of what the rest of the album holds.

The second on the album, I Lost Myself, lifts with its driving beat, lush harmonies and a whistling line melody which you’ll be glad won’t leave your head easily. (If only I could whistle, sigh.) Other stand out songs on the album are Dance With Me, a charming love song with an introductory piano line I just can’t get enough of, and the song titling the album, Over Land of Sea, a song in which striking instrumentals and luscious harmonies once again add that little something which makes their sound so special.

Saying that, every song on Over Land and Sea is a knock out. This band, and this album, encompass what all great music should: adventure, friendship, love, art and a real passion for music. The kind of band that reaffirms your faith in real, honest music.

The album is currently available for free on NoiseTrade, with an option to leave a tip (hint, hint, I definitely left one after downloading) and can be found via the link below:—deluxe-edition

Also make sure to visit their (brilliantly designed) website:

And see the trailer for Over Land and Sea below!

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