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To be completely honest, it actually took me a while to get into American folk rock band, The Lumineers. I first stumbled upon their music when I got to that part of Youtube that you’re never sure how you got to- you all know what I mean! I came across their song ‘Ho Hey’, and I thought it was a decent enough song, but never actually listened to it again for quite a while.

I don’t usually like comparing a band to someone else because I think it’s important to highlight a group’s unique sound, but the exact moment that I really started to realise the talent The Lumineers have, was when I began to get caught up in that rebirth of folk that Mumford & Sons brought about.

I suppose you could kind of group The Lumineers, Mumford & Sons, and Irish duo Hudson Taylor together; even though they each have such unique sounds. The thing about The Lumineers is, their music is simple; there’s nothing really complex about their lyrics or their sound, but what they do works.

The band itself is made up of Wesley Keith Schultz on vocals and guitar, Jeremiah Caleb Fraites on drums, percussion, mandolin and vocals, and Neyla Pekarek – cello, mandolin, piano and vocals. This band are clearly popular in the their native country, with their their single ‘Ho Hey’ making No.1 in the US rock chart this year, and even making it to No. 8 in the UK charts. 

The Lumineers are just one of those bands who are suited to pretty much everyone. If you like the sound of dominant acoustic guitars with a simple rhythm and drum beat that binds it all together, I’d suggest you give these guys a listen!

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