Album Review: Paddy Dennehy – Little Light

Paddy Dennehy - Little Light
  • Paddy Dennehy - Little Light

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Filled to the brim with unflinching emotion and passion, Little Light is a stellar debut from new Irish artist Paddy Dennehy.

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Continuing the streak of fresh and hot releases, Ireland presents Paddy Dennehy’s debut album – Little Light.

Born in Limerick and based in Cork, Paddy Dennehy has spent years perfecting his craft. Performing alongside the likes of Imelda May, Lisa Hannigan, Mick Flannery and the legendary Glen Hansard, Paddy has been learning from some of the industry’s best artists. This has now culminated in his debut album, Little Light, which launched just a few days ago.

Kicking off with the title track ‘Little Light’, it quickly becomes clear we’re in for a rare treat with this album. Backed by Hozier-esque bluesy instrumentals, Paddy shows unflinching passion in his vocals, with the song chaotically climaxing and leading in to ‘Painting Of A New Country’. Regarding the title track, Paddy has said it “is probably the most important song on the album for me. It’s the first song I wrote that wasn’t about my own experiences or views on the world. You can’t be the protagonist the whole time without becoming self-obsessed and narrow minded. This song opened the door on the rest of the album for me.”We’re off to a stunning start already, and the album doesn’t let up from here.

It is tough to single out any stand-out songs here, as they all compliment and stand up against each other rather perfectly. The one thing that remains the same throughout each track is just how “real” it all feels. Little Light is filled to the brim with emotion, which comes to a head in both ‘Someone Else’ and ‘One Good Reason’, two songs wherein Paddy seemingly straps his heart on his sleeve and bares all for the listeners. This artist doesn’t seem interested in selling you a gimmick or a facade, but would rather touch your soul and guide you along his handwritten journey.

There is a lot here to enjoy. Little Light is emotional, real and a showcase of raw talent. You really couldn’t wish for a more impressive debut album, and I’m sure Paddy Dennehy has plenty more up his sleeve for the coming years. Hopefully, this journey has just begun.

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