Album review: Emily Magpie ‘Let’s Talk About The Weather’

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Let’s be real, its been a pretty mad 2020 so far and its showing no signs of letting up. With everything that’s going on, and rightly so, its easy to forget about some of the other ongoing issues that are affecting our planet, like climate change. Emily Magpie‘s latest album ‘Let’s Talk About The Weather’ discusses our connection to each other, nature and ourselves in a time of climate crisis and its bloomin’ marvellous.

Taken from the album is previously released single ‘All Is Silence’; a woozy electronic affair that combines twinkling ukulele twangs with shimmering synths and poignant lyricism in order to create a sound that is both powerful and enchanting.

Also featured on the album is the innovative alt-pop gem that is ‘Sounds of Reillanne’. Once again showcasing Emily’s unique ability to create glittering spacial soundscapes that shimmer endlessly, ‘Sounds of Reillanne’ is a sonic delight from start to finish which, most importantly, will make you think.

“I wanted to make an album which sounds on the surface like alt-pop music, and is full of collected sounds from our times and the world around us,” Emily explains. “I feel like there’s a lot of hope and a yearning to connect to something deeper, and reassess what’s important, but also dark undertones of where we could be headed if we don’t wake up and change.”

There’s no doubt in our minds that Emily Magpie’s latest creation is a truly innovative affair that deserves your attention. Not only is it musically impressive, it also has an important message to share. So what are you waiting for? We know you’ve got the time… check it out now.

‘Let’s Talk About The Weather’ is out now.

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