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The Actions have released their dystopia-laden record Flourish, out now via Niteo Records.

The Bristol based duo have been together for many years now having been in bands in and around London. Combining their talents, The Actions were born and the pair have not looked back since.

Opening with the brooding single ‘Leap’, The Actions illustrate their unerring ability to create cinematic cuts you are more likely to hear in a Ridley Scott sci-fi. ‘Save Me’ builds slowly, offering an immediate change of pace, at once highlighting the themes that run throughout the record; fear, anxiety and ultimately growth.

Fluctuating between emotive states, ‘Buoyant’ billows with an almost threatening beauty, as rasping vocals and metronomic beats emanate from the speakers. ‘Old Flaw’ is a final punctuation to the opening half of a record that bristles with paranoia, offering a sense of coming to terms with oneself, refreshed and prepared to move forward in life.

‘Inner Flow’ represents the beginnings of a fresh start. Dream-like and cerebral, we are provided a new perspective. ‘Flourish’ revels in all its ambient glory while ‘Your Sins’ plays out like self imposed manifesto.

As we approach the end of the journey ‘Bleeding Trail’ feels like a euphoric epiphany captured through the samples and ethereal vocal segments. ‘Hindered’ closes the album as The Actions deliver their final act like a religious sermon, as we are implored to embrace the beauty of life one again.

Flourish is a stunningly beautiful record. The quality of production and clarity of each individual vocal, sample, instrumental and strand of creativity, is laid bare by the production of Stu Matthews (Portishead, Beak>, Quakers).

It’s no wonder the band have picked up an array of support over the years from the likes of Clash Magazine, Nothing But Hope And Passion, BBC Radio 6 Music’s Tom Robinson, Amazing Radio’s Simon Raymonde and John Kennedy of Radio X.

Flourish is out now via Niteo Records.

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