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Meeting at Sheffield University and recording their first record in Leeds, now based in London, this duo are ready to take off.

About: Nigel and James, the duo behind High Safari met at Sheffield University and met whilst living in the same halls of residence. Starting to write music together, they joined a few friends in making a band, as that disbanded, Nigel and James carried on writing  and this was the start of High Safari. Influenced by the likes of Elliot Smith and The Beatles, High Safari headed to Leeds to record their first record ‘Skylight’ which was named after a “window in a mouldy Sheffield loft which we wrote all our songs under”.

‘Skylight’ was recorded, mixed and produced in a week which is impressive in itself, nevermind how impressive the album is. The duo’s first gig was for BBC Introducing in Brighton and is their only gig to date but with them both finished University and moved in together in London, expect to see these guys playing gig after gig as ‘Skylight’ gets ready to take them to the next level.

For a duo they have a great mix of sounds, mainly focusing on indie rock, but a band with a huge summer vibe around some of their tracks, especially ‘Hey Hombre!’, this track could be the track that could break this band into bigger and better things.

Reminds me of: Theme Park, The Sunshine Underground, Bastille.

Music: The bands debut record ‘Skylight’ is available to download for free at:

You can listen to ‘Hey Hombre!’ below:


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