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Walking On Cars are set to release their debut EP this summer and they are bringing Rock music back to Ireland.

About: Walking on Cars are an energetic five piece band hailing from Dingle, Co. Kerry on the West Coast of Ireland. While they capture a sound that paints an indie/rock picture on a canvas of heavy drum beats bouncing in time with a lively guitar riff, the melodies they collectively produce edge the band towards a slightly more pop tinge.

Having received a massive response to their debut single- ‘Catch Me If You Can’, their inevitably heroic, highly anticipated debut EP is set for release in June, and if it pours out more Summer, feel-good tracks, it will be an absolute winner; not only in Ireland, but most probably across the UK too.

Reminds me of: The likes of We Are The In Crowd in terms of lively, edging on “pop” melodies, but gracing the dramatic power of Funeral For A Friend.

What To Expect: Debut EP to hit iTunes this summer.

 Check out their debut single- ‘Catch Me If You Can’:

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