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TouchWood are an up and coming, fresh Indie band from the current music-radiating city of Dublin.

About: This strong sounding four piece showcase injected influences from the likes of The Fray and Coldplay, while many songs pull through to develop their own sound. Having already made a name for themselves at Oxegen festival in 2011, and receiving a sincere interest from Coldplay with regards to their music video for ‘Elysian Plains’– their début single, it’s looking likely that TouchWood will be kept extremely busy this year.

If the mass of their talent ever needed clarification, look no further than well known Dublin venues, Whelans and The Button Factory, which saw these energetic performers draw in massive crowds. Quite impressively, TouchWood have been known to share the stage with the likes of Aslan, The Blizzards and Bipolar Empire- just a mere few of the Irish heroes TouchWood are rapidly catching up with.

Pouring out nothing but clever, catchy, sales-worthy music, you can definitely watch this space- TouchWood won’t be long waiting for worldwide acclamation; Ireland are being tackled as we speak!

Reminds me of: A balanced mix of The Fray and Coldplay, with a more rock-like sound dipping in and out.

Music: TouchWood recently released their EP ‘Elysian Plains’, which you can download HERE.


Check out ‘Angelic Era’ from TouchWood’s début EP:



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