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Shan is a UK singer-songwriter, reigning from the rural area of Shropshire.

About: Having just released his début EP- ‘Waypoint’ at the beginning of this month, Shan is out in full force, firing a modern take on an old soul/folk sound in all directions. This winner of an EP, recorded with much acclaimed producer, Elliot Bradley, showcases different slants on a genre which is often unheard, all toned up with lyrical quality.

Success seems to be stemming from the roots of Shan’s musical experience; after performing in bands from the young age of 11. This year shows no signs of acclamation and recognition easing off this musician’s talent after his wonderful chart-pleasing single- ‘Stay’ was awarded the opportunity to stand tall on BBC Introducing- an inevitable leap in the right direction for any up and coming musical talent.

With undoubted experience and passion for this new emerging talent Shan is digging up, 2013 will quite likely push forward as the long awaited break his life has been building up to.

Reminds Me Of: The likes of Stevie Wonder, refreshed with a lighter take on a Depeche Mode tint.

Music: Shan has just released his début EP- ‘Waypoint’, which you can download HERE.

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