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Ruen Brothers are Henry and Rupert Stansall from Scunthorpe

Raised on a healthy vinyl collection kept by their father, Ruen Brothers play a retro, savvy and slick rock n’ roll that’s bound to get you on your feet and swinging. The two have been playing pubs and clubs since they were young in their hometown of Scunthorpe, so they’re no amateurs when it comes to playing live; they’re charismatic, charming and born performers. Their debut single, ‘Walk Like A Man’, at just under three minutes, will be sure to leave you excited to hear more of their unique blend of blues that twangs and chugs through your eardrums with the kind of gusto that will definitely justify the insane amounts of hype that is sure to be lavished on them over the next few months.

Reminds Me Of: Jake Bugg and Tribes.

Music: Their debut single, ‘Walk Like A Man’, named Zane Lowe’s Hottest Record, is out now.


Check out the Official Music Video for ‘Walk Like A Man’ below:

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