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Kapitals are a rapidly up and coming Indie/Rock band from Dublin.

About: Edging a rustic Indie/Rock sound which mimics vibes from the likes of The 1975, Kapitals push through more of a “riff” sound with electric guitar standing prominent. This mix of sounds gives them a unique tinge washing off The Strokes and The Ramones, almost encouraging them to rekindle a whole genre; not to mention a completely separate “pop” bounce laying in the middle.

Having only formed in 2010, these Northside Dubliners are already on track with an EP to their name, and holding the achievement of their last single- ‘Standing Alone’ making its way to No.2 in the iTunes Alt Rock charts. Kapitals have also stormed on to release their newest single yesterday- ‘Ms. Heartache’ on their independent label “why-go-bald-records”, and with a steady beat shadowing the essence of a real chart pleaser, it’s bound to be as successful as their last.

Reminds me of: The rustic feel of The Strokes mixed with an energetic vibe like that of The 1975.

Music: Kapitals have just released their latest single- ‘Ms. Heartache’, which you can download HERE, and are set to play at this year’s Indiependence festival- don’t miss them!


You can watch the music video for ‘Ms. Heartache’ below:

Kapitals – Ms Heartache on MUZU.TV.



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