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Empire Circus are an up and coming Indie/Alt-Pop band from Dublin.

About: Having recently released their single, ‘There Is A Light’ in June, Empire Circus are growing more and more in the face of the Irish music industry. Empowering a sound which shadows the likes of Two Door Cinema Club and fellow Irish band BellX1, they’re already showing qualities capable of carrying them to the top.

There Is A Light’ is a real feel-good track which has all the sentiments of a good Indie sound, but with elements of an Alternative/Electronic scent blending in. Upbeat melodies with strong, prominent bass riffs is essentially what lies behind Empire Circus, and their live stage presence can very easily stand up against many in the current industry. Between a wonderful sound and a top-notch energy which is cast fantastically amongst a crowd, these guys are bound to be extremely successful in the very near future.

Reminds Me Of: Two Door Cinema Club and BellX1

Music: Empire Circus recently released their single- ‘There Is A Light’ which you can check out below.


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