Review: Tom Mitchell – ‘Ruthless Thing’ EP

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Bristol based singer/songwriter, Tom Mitchell has recently branched out to take on a solo career, having been involved in bands since the age of 15, and of course having played guitar for Duffy in 2006 and 2007.

To begin this solo career, Tom has just released his debut EP, entitled Ruthless Thing. With influences reflecting off the likes of Mark Knopfler, this EP was always destined to have a beautifully delicate sounding guitar to support soft vocals, which execute The Kinks and BellX1 influenced writing styles.

This EP begins with the title track, pouring upbeat guitar melodies into a mix of quiet, soft vocals and ultimately creating a mature folk-y slant on a generic acoustic genre. With a satisfactory introduction complete, the music flows into a more deep, complex song- Only Partly There, displaying a sweet sounding guitar picking pattern. Being used to harmony-based vocals, the harmonies, although relatively subtle, shine in this song.

Almost completing a full circle in terms of guitar pieces, we are directed from an upbeat beginning in Ruthless Thing, then toning down to less strumming and more complex sounds, to lifting back up in the final track- He Forgot To Check His Heart At The Door.

Ruthless Thing EP is an extremely easy-to-listen-to EP. A man and a guitar is essentially what would appear at the fore; but the lyrical substance of each track is something that Mr. Mitchell should be acclaimed for.

Find out more about Tom on his website.

You can download ‘Ruthless Thing’ EP HERE.

Don’t forget to follow Tom on Twitter & Facebook to keep up to date with his music.

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