Review: Taylor Ames – Songs You Were Never Meant To Hear

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20 year old British singer-songwriter, Taylor Ames, seems to be making a name for himself in what is an increasingly competitive music industry. With over 37,000 followers on Twitter, it appears that this guy might just have what it takes to overtake a large portion of the sea of songwriters that are currently on the rise.

Taylor’s debut EP was released on Bandcamp on January 6th, and seems to have been the perfect start to what looking like a positive year for him in terms of support and a growing fan base. Taylor claimed that he put his heart and soul into writing the most honest songs he could; and after listening to Songs You Were Never Meant To Hear, I can’t argue with that.

The four track release is just full of down to earth material and basically has honesty written all over it. Introducing the EP with ease, is the beautiful track entitled Souls, which at first gives off vibes of a typical singer songwriter; a new male heartthrob, but this notion doesn’t last long. Drums kick in and we’re immediately carried away from the fact that he’s essentially one amongst many.

I was hoping for the same kind of kick- the same thrill, for the rest of the EP, but it just didn’t happen quite to my expectations. It’s seldom the case that the first song on an album is a favourite, but Souls really impressed me. It’s just one of those songs that have all aspects in place perfectly and leave you wanting more. As it progressed onto Chapters, I just wasn’t feeling the same energy and the same quirkiness that was so prominent in the opening track. Don’t get me wrong, I really quite enjoyed this EP and Taylor definitely has a raw talent and a clear passion for music; but in terms of making it in such a massively competitive industry, this EP, and not so much Taylor as a musician, needed more “oomph” to create a “wow” reaction. To sum it up- the ideas were good and Taylor is beyond good; his vocals are next to flawless, but the EP would have benefited majorly from executing a little more of a unique twist for the talent to build on.

You can listen to this EP by clicking here

Keep up to date with Taylor by following him on Facebook & Twitter.

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