Review: Natalie Holmes- ‘The Simplest Things’ EP

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Having released two very successful albums previously, Natalie’s new EP could still very well be the game changer in her music career. The Simplest Things EP is just a real easy-to-listen-to EP- consisting of beautiful melodies executed by soft guitar and piano chords.

Beginning with the title track The Simplest Things, this song sort of seems like the perfect introduction to Natalie’s music for people who may be hearing it for the first time; highlighting her smooth, almost “Ellie Goulding sounding” voice, over a simple guitar piece. This song, of course, being a perfect example of what Natalie described as an EP centred around themes such as being extremely happy in a relationship.

When the song changes to Safety Net– a personal favourite- you’ll find yourself being drawn in by the calming piano, that essentially puts the “Natalie Holmes” stamp on the EP. It’s the familiar sound that long-term fans would have been waiting to hear. Between this expressing feelings of being homesick at university, and the rest of the EP centred around a happy relationship (something which is hard to come by in music these days), it’s an EP that’s just so easy to connect with and relate to.

Although the final two tracks Birds Eye View and Backwards exert a similar sound to the previous tracks, Birds Eye View, for me, has to be crowned to winning track on this EP. Starting off as a solely acoustic track, it’s eventually kicked by a sweet drum rhythm, and accompanied by other sounds, which although subtle, ultimately complete the song.

Natalie has been working on this EP for so long and has had nothing but patience, enthusiasm and motivation to build the fast growing audience she has achieved. Being her debut iTunes release, and what is definitely her most professional sounding work, having joined forces with producer Matt Hutchison (ortoPilot), The Simplest Things might just be the masterpiece Natalie needed for the undoubtedly successful music career she is facing.

The Simplest Things is available WORLDWIDE now on:


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