Introducing: Shauna Mackin

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Ever listen to an artist and immediately think “why aren’t I hearing this person everywhere?!”, well 22 year old singer-songwriter Shauna Mackin is a perfect example.

Shauna is originally from Dublin, but because of her passion for music and, I suppose, the booming industry in the UK; it was only a matter of time before she was sent packing to Manchester to pursue a degree in music.

Shauna’s music is clearly influenced by a lot of old-folk type artists but, in terms of modern styles, it seems that the likes of Imelda May would be making a massive dent in Shauna’s sound.

Set to release her latest single Rita, in March, Shauna is definitely an artist I’m extremely excited about. This girl has a beautiful tone to her voice that would ultimately put her in a soul category, but it sort of rests on a slight rustic sound that you expect to hear from a more folk-esque track.

This girl is one to watch.

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