Introducing: Cry Monster Cry

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The majority of people reading this are probably thinking “never heard of these guys” and, to be completely honest, neither had I until they supported fellow Irish brothers Hudson Taylor back in December – but how glad I am that they were brought to my attention!

If you’re a fan of Hudson Taylor, Mumford & Sons, The Lumineers, or any related artist, then you’ll just adore Cry Monster Cry. These guys continue the trend of bringing this folk-like sound to the industry but with a unique Irishness attached to it, which they perfect with flawless harmonies.

In the last few years, these brothers have written a number of songs and it would be next to impossible not to love the descriptive, easy-to-relate lyrics; but even more so, the beautiful melodies that go with them. You may not have heard these guys as of yet, but believe me when I say, Richie and Jamie Martin are bound to go far.

You can download five beautiful tracks which make up ‘The Fallen EP’ on iTunes Here: here.

Check out the lead title track below:


You can also keep up to date with Cry Monster Cry on their Facebook: & Twitter:

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