Interview: Ebony Day – “I hear people say that I’m an English Taylor Swift. . . .”

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Ebony Day, at the age of 20 has moved to Australia, Supported Cody Simpson, has a YouTube Channel with nearly 200,00 subscribers and recently won this years MTV unsigned Award; and she hasn’t even properly started her career yet! We caught up with Ebony as she is about release her debut E.P “The Beginning”.

 After winning the MTV unsigned competition how much has your life changed?

ED: I won that and then I supported Cody Simpson in March; that was really cool because I’m a big fan of his. And then I recorded my E.P and then did the music video (that comes out at the end of the month. It’s been quite busy with lots of shows and things. I’ve also finished music college, so now now I’m just doing music all the time.


Have you always wanted to be a singer?

ED: Not really, I only just decided when I was about 16. All my friends were like “I’m going to do English at university” And I was like “ Oh my goodness I couldn’t think of anything worse”. And then my mom was like “You should do English and university!” and I was like NOO! So then I was left trying to find something I really liked. I really liked football and sports and things, but I really didn’t want to do that, so I started learning guitar, from then I found out I really liked music.


The predecessor of this award was Conor Maynard, he’s been compared to your inspiration Justin Bieber, who do you think the press will compare you to?

ED: I’m not really sure. I hear people say that I’m an English Taylor Swift, which is cool because I really like Taylor Swift! I like that she is quite a good role model for her fans, I would like to do that because I would like them to be able to have someone to look up to. So yeah they compare me to Taylor Swift mainly.


Has Conor given you any advice after winning MTV Unsigned?
ED: He said congratualtions and stuff. I went to see him at an MTV show, and he was just like “Well done, don’t give up and keep going”




What advise would you give to any one who is trying to get where you are?

ED: I would say there are some days when you feel like nothing is happening and it gets quite tiring. But I say the only way you won’t succeed is if you quit, so keep on going!


Can we see collaboration between you and MTV Unsigned runner up Gabrielle Aplin?

ED: I really like her! We are friends, so it would be cool if we did collobrate I’d like to.


You’ve just released your first E.P The Begining, what was the inspiration behind it?

ED: I would say, if you remember someone called Jojo? She was around in the late 90’s, she was kinda like RnB and stuff, so she has inspired me a lot, along with Justin Beiber and Taylor swift, so quite pop – ish, but I made sure it stayed acoustic because my YouTube covers have always been acoustic so I would like to keep that in there.


Are you always going to be acoustic or are you going to take a different root?

ED: I think after I’ve done and album or something, I might experiment. But I know this style is what I want to do.


You often quote Justin Beiber as an influence, Twitter users known, 1D VS Beiber is a big issue on the site; do you get much of a back lash from the One Direction community?

ED: I don’t think so because I’m a MASSIVE One Direction fan too! I went to see the One Direction movie the other day . . . I cried! You have to go and see it because it is good! And you’ll fall in love with the boys. I really liked them, and after I saw the movie I just LOVE them now. BUT I also like Justin Beiber too, so I think I have both fans, its really nice.


Have you managed to meet Beiber yet?

ED: No. Not yet! I’d really like too. I just hope he really lives up to my expectations. But I’m sure he is lovely though.




Being under the wing of MTV, we are expecting you to be a household name very soon, what are your plans for the next 18months?

ED: I’d really like to go on a support tour around the UK and them maybe an album.


If you’re not singing and making albums, what would you do in your spare time?

ED: Lots of sports! I have a dog called Molly which me and my mom take out a lot, so lots of normal things! Because we live in Bournemouth, I like to go back there and see my friends. Now they are all at University all over the place, my main focus is on music.


What is your weirdest fear?

ED: People that paint them selves as statutes! I don’t understand how they stay so still. If I see one, I will either walk the longest way round or just walk fast to avoid them.


What is your most favorite thing to do apart from music?
ED: Definitely shopping. I spend all my money shopping, its so annoying. I can’t just go out and by one thing! And Mum is normally like “What have you done!?”


Is there anything you would like to say to the Fortitude Mag Readers?
ED: Thank you for reading ! And I hope you like my E.P when it comes out!



Watch the video for Brush You Off My Heart:


Pre-Order Ebony’s debut E.P “The Beginning” here:


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