Single review: George Barnett – ‘Parasite’

Editor's Review
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What a voice! George Barnett – previously known as AKA george – returns with another pop-infused banger and we can’t get enough. The aptly named ‘Parasite’ is out now.

The single certainly does have an element of Ed Sheeran about it but that’s also certainly not a bad thing. Combining compulsive bass lines with vivid synths and George’s seductively hushed vocal tone, ‘Parasite’ feels like the perfect alt-pop hit to get your jam on to.

Talking about the single, George elaborates, “Parasite is about that grey area when you’re moving away from someone. They can sense it and start to manipulate their way back into your mind. You become the parasite when you’re weak – you try to find a way back in because you feel lonely. And that’s twisted. I’ve been on both sides. They both fuck you up. You begin to unravel.”

‘Parasite’ is out now via AntiFragile Music.

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