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Do you believe in magic? Well, after listening to RUNAH’s debut album ’Strange’ you may well do. RUNAH aka Tara May creates bewitching baroque-pop that will transport you to another dimension within a matter of minutes and we can’t get enough.

Opening with the eerie ‘Winter’, RUNAH’s haunting vocals are at the forefront from the offset, reminding us of the one and only Florence Welch instantly. Next up is the previously released single ’Shame’, a mystical creation oozing with powerful, almost tribal-like harmonies and poetic lyricism.

Following on is probably the strongest track on the album and understandably the first single to have been released earlier this year. ‘Ground’ combines elements of folk and blues to create a sound that could have come straight out of a cowboy film. RUNAH’s dark, deep vocals fit perfectly within the musicality, sounding akin to the likes of Lana Del Rey’s ability to create noir-edged pop. Truly breathtaking.

As the album plays on, we are welcomed further by ethereal soundscapes and a dark, pulsating energy. RUNAH is never afraid to differentiate from the norm and for that, we applaud her. Tracks like ‘Lost’ and ’Something Like A Prayer’ may be slow moving, but they also have a sense of urgency about them that you cannot shake off, creating a sound that feels – at times – unsettling, but also other-worldly.

Closing the album is title track and most recent single ’Strange’. Another blues-infused number that could also be potentially the most commercial sounding from the album. RUNAH combines sweeping electronics with celestial vocals, creating a sound not far from that of Kimbre. What RUNAH manages to do effortlessly throughout this impressive debut is keep you guessing. Perhaps its the magic within her, but RUNAH certainly is one of the most unique artists to emerge in recent years and we can’t wait to hear more of her magical melodies in the months to come.

‘Strange’ is out now via Beardfire.

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