Album review: Koto Kill ‘Fight Us All’

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Ready to kick start your New Year with an almighty punch? Well, hold tight because Koto Kill are taking no prisoners with the release of their debut mini album ‘Fight Us All’, out now via Dystopian Disco. Created by DJ and Producer Gabriel Ralls, Koto Kill is a collaborative project that features a different ferocious female lead singer on every track. Now that’s what we call Girl Power.

Kicking off with the wonderfully abrasive ‘War Paint’, featuring B3NDU, the single is a raucous slice of industrial rock at its finest. B3NDU’s blistering vocals are second-to-none and combined with distortion heavy guitars and pulsating beats, fans of the likes of The Prodigy and Nova Twins will instantly feel at home here.

Next up is the equally attitude-boiling ‘Riot At 45’ featuring ferocious vocals from Beatrice Bonnano. This single is packed with a punch from that very first “Let’s Go” and is undeniably palpable. Fast-paced electro-rock at its finest.

Following on is the slightly trippier ‘Fire Down’ featuring hypnotic vocals from Judith Haustein. The interesting use of sitar and Turkish saz on this track give it a distinctive edge, with Haustein channelling her inner St. Vincent throughout. Penultimate track ‘Hot Water’ has a similar vibe, slightly slower than the other tracks but equally mesmerising and featuring the haunting vocals of Fortitude fave, Emily Magpie.

‘Sugar Rush’ brings us back to that classic electro-rock sound, featuring powerful vocals from Anelise Kunz giving the track a fierce edge over the roaring riffs and vibrant energy. Closing track ‘Vagabonds’ has a similar energy despite starting perhaps weaker than the rest. But, when leading lady Dolly Daggerz gets into her groove, there is no stopping her. Her sucker-punch vocals leading the way over driving beats and some super slick guitar riffs as well.

There’s no denying this isn’t going going to be an album for everyone, but if raucous industrial rock and fierce female vocals are your bag, then look no further than ‘Fight Us All’.

‘Fight Us All’ is out now via Dystopian Disco.

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