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If you’re living in Ireland, and happen to watch TV at all, I can only assume you know All The Luck In The World, you just might not know it yet…

One word: Trivago.

Now, that’s not saying this Wicklow trio are a One Hit Wonder or anything like that – far from it. But their hit ‘Never‘ from their self-titled debut has been strung along TV stations accompanying the over-played Trivago advert for last few months, but wow am I thankful for that ad.

The sound that radiates from these guys is a wonderful blend of all that’s right with Folk-Pop. Gentle instrumentals, rustic yet flowing vocals creating harmonies, and quite frankly, the entire album is flippin’ beautiful.

Tracks like ‘Conquer’, ‘Dark Eyes’ and of course, ‘Never’ showcase the height of the band’s talent, and I have such high hopes for what they can do within the next year.


Check out the hit ‘Never’ below:

All The Luck In The World – Never on MUZU.TV.

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