Soundrop – Bands, Claim Your Artist Room & Engage With Your Fans

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Soundrop is a social music app on Spotify that allows music fans to enter rooms that host different genres and themes of music. Within the room fans can add and vote for the music that’s played within that room, but it also allows them to use a chat function to talk to other fans about the music they’re all listening to together.

Most recently Soundrop added a wondrous new feature for artists and bands. Every artist on Spotify now has their own listening room within the app. So what does this mean? Well basically if you go onto the Soundrop app here, and search for yourself on Spotify (you have to have music on Spotify), then you’ll find a room all for you, already full of your music. Not only that but, the rooms are EXCLUSIVELY for your music, so nobody can “troll’ and add in Psy midway through your album. Excellent right?!

Now, I thought I was being really smart when I came up with this idea a few weeks ago, only to find out Soundrop had already launched the rooms in May 2013 (damn innovative developers). But then I thought well maybe some artists don’t know about it/know how they can use this to their advantage. So this post is for you, my talented musical brethren.

Note: You, your management or your mother, don’t (yet) own these rooms full of your music. Soundrop state you have to contact them to get admin rights, so I’d suggest doing that, though it isn’t necessary to host the events below.

Now, with these rooms available to you, wouldn’t it be an excellent way to meet, greet and generally interact with your fans over the one thing that brought you all together in the first place? Your music.

So, got a new album coming out? Perfect, let your fans know that on the 19th of whenev-uary at 6pm, you will be hosting a Q&A or AMA (ask me anything) in your official Soundrop room, while listening to your new album. Get all the band members to log into the room, fill it with all the tracks off your new album and then simply, sit and listen to it with your fans and answer any questions they have about it.

This easily trumps the Twitter Q&As bands do with a sort-of-funny hashtag, as you and your fans are all sitting listening and discussing your  music at the same time. The fans are engaging, as well as learning more about you, the album itself and the processes that went into it. Not only that, but you’re actually being paid for it, so get a decent enough crowd into the room and your streams will soon be building. Bullseye. You’re actively driving streams on Spotify.

No albums or music on Spotify yet? No worries. Just create your own room & name it [Band Name Influences], fill it with your favourite bands, your influences and your inspirations. Chances are they’re also your fan’s favourites, influences and inspirations. Get a discussion going in the room, just talk about the music you enjoy and why. No doubt your fans will be bragging to their friends that they’re in a “room” with you chatting about how you both love Eiffel 65. I mean, who wouldn’t? You’re bonding over music you all enjoy, it’s the best way to really make your fans feel part of your universe, all while sitting in your pants listening to 90’s europop.

So get on Soundrop. If you’ve got music, claim your room and use it to interact. If you haven’t, make a room and invite everyone to come and listen to music with you.

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