Play Tramlines Festival With GigOwl

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GigOwl is an ethical community booking service that connects musicians with studios, promoters and event organisers. At their core the GigOwl team want to make things simpler for musicians and venues.

With their first offering they’re giving emerging folk, alternative or indie artists the chance to play the final day of Sheffield’s inner-city music festival Tramlines on the 21st July.

There are three performance slots available and the successful bands will be playing Penelopes on Sunday 21st July between 15:00 and 19:00.

It’s completely free to enter, which you can do by clicking here. Bands are required to submit their music through Soundcloud, after which they will promote themselves through social media to encourage their fans to vote for them, the application process closes on 30th June 2013.

GigOwl also want to hear off artists and promoters about their experiences getting gigs and booking bands around the UK, in order to help develop the services they offer to musicians and venues, so if you have a story to share do get in touch with GigOwl by clicking here.

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