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This month’s House of Savages is on November 5th, Guy Fawkes night to anyone from the UK, remember, remember and all that jazz. I have to admit that I’ve been a bit short of time this month due to a new job. So to save both your time and mine let’s get straight into who’s playing this month’s House of Savages.

El Crow

El Crow –

Cristobal Jimenez and Nikita Alvaro’s story is a great example of what makes London music-scene so special. Cristobal, who is from Chile, and Nikita, originally from Portugal, mix a solid Rock and Blues base with influences from Latin music to produce something which draws you in with intrigue. While still in their infancy as a band their debut release, a self-titled EP, shows some serious potential moving forward. We are delighted that they will be making their London gigging debut with us on Thursday!

Listen out for – The Rat Race


Massacres –

Hardcore-Punk group Massacres are another newcomer with debut EP Brutus not out until next February. The first track to be released Everything I want to do is Illegal (which is obviously one of the best track names ever) is a raw and vicious song sung from the perspective of a stockbroker embracing all the worst stereotypes that we have about those city boy-types. They describe their live shows as “unhinged” which will go down fantastically with the HofS crowd.

Listen out for – Everything I want to do is Illegal

Napalm Betty

Napalm Betty –

Rob, Joe and Devid are “like a strange disease trapped in the bottom of your tissue-box”, which apparently sounds like avant-garde alt rock. I would compare their music to the likes of Grinderman or Fugazi but with some very Talking Heads-esque moments in the way they arrange their music. Only just returned from recording their upcoming album which will no doubt add to what is already a strong collection of demo material look for these guys to have a strong start to 2016!

Listen out for – Do the Bad Thing


Homeless Billionaires –

Ballsy guitar-drums duos are definitely a favourite of ours. With a strong nod to The White Stripes Homeless Billionaires blend the emotive lyrics and hooks of blues with the power and distortion of classic Rock. Fresh from celebrating the release of their new EP with a launch show at The Fiddlers Elbow, Evil Partners contains some top tunes including the title track and single Makkaroni Western and having already received support from Amazing Radio it’s clear we’re not the only ones who think so.

Listen out for – Evil Partners

Indigo Husk

Indigo Husk –

Returnees Indigo Husk played for us last back in June and were fantastic. After having to survive since then with just the one recorded track Grin, they have finally released the much anticipated new EP Packed Lunch which has definitely been worth the wait. Picking up critical acclaim from the likes of BBC London and our friends at Unrecorded who called their new material “ferociously good” the hype around this band is building up fast. We’re all buzzing to have them come back and play with us before they start selling out arenas.

Listen out for – Misbehave

Looking forward to seeing you all The George Tavern on the 5th of November to meet the best in new alternative rock in London. –

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